Welcome! I'm Jenny!

Rather than beating around the bush, let me share three things you should know about me (apart from the obvious that I love Jesus, the Bible, and my family!).

One, I care about those who are often overlooked. I want people to know God sees, cares for, and loves them.

Two, I am passionate about God's glory being made known—whether that's across the street or around the globe!

Three, I love fiction! Since fiction is my favorite genre, I combine fiction with God's greatness in my own writing for kids. And if you're a Magic Treehouse fan then you'd love my series!

My heart is to point others to the glory of God—all that God is made known. I hope you find encouragement to keep pressing into Jesus and cultivating a deeper love for Him through the articles I craft, practical resources I create, the children's fiction book series I'm working on, and the Bible studies I lead.

My Background

I spent six years living in conservative Muslim countries and desire to help parents and children catch a glimpse of how God is at work among the nations. I've traveled to 30 countries (and I'm not counting layovers when you don't actually leave the airport—that's cheating in my book!) and marvel at how each culture uniquely reflects aspects of God’s character like a multi-faceted diamond.

I work as a freelance writer and editor, including projects for Oakseed Ministries International. Once upon a time I worked as a Children’s Ministry and Curriculum Coordinator at my previous church for three years. I'm a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Photo by Orlando Allo on Unsplash

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