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I walk alongside families to help cultivate a biblical worldview to shine the gospel across the street and around the world.

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God is so great that everyone must know and worship him (Isaiah 49:6).

God's greatness should fuel our passion to make His name known—whether we're sitting in a coffee shop with a friend, folding laundry, investing in our workplace, reading books with our kids, or making cookies for a neighbor. Let's make much of God and walk alongside others who strive to do the same. 

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Shaping a biblical worldview in our families can be difficult. Finding resources to guide our kids can take time. And trying to add yet another item to our to-do list can feel like too much. 

Even though we know God desires all people to know Him (Isa. 49:6), pursuing global-minded discipleship of our children can be challenging. I used to struggle to consistently disciple my children well in this area, but I discovered when I took intentional small steps, God's greatness settled into my boys' hearts in powerful ways.

We can incorporate simple habits to pursue God's greatness as a family. We can purposefully seek ways to learn more of God's greatness through exploring cultures across the globe and uncover how God is at work there.

With a dash of intentionality, we can fulfill our role as the primary disciplers of our kids and guide our families in developing a global worldview grounded in Scripture. It doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated and we can tweak it to fit our family's rhythms.

Together we can teach our kids about God's greatness and how to navigate worldviews that don't align with our own without fear. 

Join me as we disciple our kids in God's heart for the nations one book, one resource, one article, one day at a time. And we'll cultivate global family prayer along the way. Ready to get started?

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