Content Editing Services 

Whether you're looking for editorial insight on an article, essay, devotional, blog post, or portion of a book project, Jenny will provide quality feedback to move your piece forward. 

Editing services are geared toward writers seeking feedback on pieces around 1,000 words or less. Content editing will focus on the overall message and flow of your piece, not proofreading.

As a freelance writer for a wide variety of print and online publications, Jenny can help strengthen your work and connect better with your readers. 

We all need feedback on our work. Sometimes we need another's insight to help clarify our message. Jenny would love to be that person for you and help make your piece sparkle!

The world needs your faith-infused words.

Client Testimonials 

Rosann Coulon

"Jenny is an exceptional writer and editor. I have used her services for feedback on overall flow of a piece and to correct grammatical errors. Jenny’s suggestions have enhanced my writing and helped my articles to shine. I highly recommend her editorial services."

Christina Crawford

"Working with Jenny has been wonderful from Day 1! I highly recommend her services to bring your writing to the next level. She is honest, timely, and concise with her feedback, and she consistently keeps the reader in mind. Her editing has sharpened my skills and grown my confidence as a writer!" 

Emily Davis

"Jenny has reviewed a number of my pieces and each one was improved by her keen insight and sharp editing skills. She has a great sense of what a piece needs to make it sing and offers helpful constructive feedback. She is a thoughtful and insightful editor, and my work is always better for her having taken a pass at it."

Service Fees

Prices vary depending on the extent of content editing needed but range between $25–50. 

Ready to move your article forward? 

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To get an estimate for your piece, email

Please attach the writing you'd like edited as a Word document to get a quote and to determine availability for services. Additionally, if you have a specific publication style in mind, please include this information in your inquiry so editing services can align with your target audience.