Jenny Marcelene


I'm so glad you swung by today! I desire to help families understand their role in proclaiming all God is across the street and around the globe. I think the best way to accomplish this is two-fold.

First, we must love Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. While this seems super obvious, sometimes our love for the Lord can grow cold and we must rekindle the fire of our faith. When we passionately pursue Christ and delight in him, then we naturally speak to others about him. I craft articles to foster deeper devotion in our walk with God because we need to be reminded of the gospel and keep our love for the Lord vibrant.

Second, we press into our role in seeing the gospel reach the ends of the earth. This will look different depending upon our season of life and individual situations. When we engage in conversations centered upon how God is at work our trust in him increases and we are eager to participate. And we can join in the essential work of prayer as we watch God draw people from around the world to himself. I started writing the stories and resources I wished existed for my family. I hope these materials serve you and your family as you pray for all that God is to be made known to everyone--whether they are across the street or halfway around the globe.